Head of Finance (s.151 officer)
• Up to £61k


Thank you for your interest in the role of Head of Finance here at Newcastle-under-Lyme. I’m delighted that you are considering making an application for this vital role.

Even prior to the pandemic, we have seen and continue to see real and progressive change in the Council. We’ve undertaken extensive transformation, creating a culture and structure that’s fit for our stated purpose – maximising the Council’s resources to unleash the economic potential of the Borough. Part of this change programme has been the creation of a new corporate services team, which reports directly to me as Chief Executive. This has greatly enhanced our capacity across key services including Finance, People & OD, Customer Services, ICT, Revenues & Benefits and Digital, and it positions the Head of Finance as a central and influential role within the organisation.

I want this person to play an enabling role in the Council, bringing an innovative and strategic perspective to the opportunities and the challenges that we face. Overall, the Council is in good financial standing, and are currently formulating an MTFS that will support the future savings that we need to make. The impact of COVID-19 is an immediate and ongoing issue that affects both our costs and our revenue streams, so it’s essential we are decisive and agile in how we respond to this. Getting the most from our assets and exploring new commercial opportunities will be vital to future resource planning, so we will want our Head of Finance to work closely with the leadership team and elected members to ensure we pursue the right opportunities, and maximise potential returns with a clear understanding of associated risk.

Growth is the golden thread running through everything we do. We’re growing opportunities for business and high-value employment, growing flourishing town centres, supporting our expanding university, steadily developing the housing offer, and most importantly fostering a culture of growth and ambition. I believe that this is a career move that offers a fantastic opportunity for professional growth. There’s an openness to new ways of working and a readiness to embrace change that creates considerable scope for you to make your mark in the role.

With the benefit of strong political leadership, we’re well on the way to creating a unique Borough: a great place to call home in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside, as well as a world-class place to study and work. I really look forward to hearing how you can bring your talent and experience to bear on this hugely rewarding work.

Yours sincerely

Martin Hamilton
Chief Executive


Martin Hamilton, Chief Executive

Martin Hamilton
Chief Executive, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council



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