Executive Director of Resources and Support (s.151 officer) • To £90k


Executive Director of Resources and Support (s.151 officer)
To £90k

This appointment will be the second Executive Director appointment within 12 months, and will complete the SMT of four led by new Chief Executive, Martin Hamilton. It’s a really high-calibre group of colleagues, and offers the successful candidate an exhilarating and rewarding professional environment.

The job covers a range of key corporate service areas: while there will of course be a focus on financial strategy, budgeting, improving systems and generating meaningful management reports, there is a wider expectation that the incumbent will make a significant contribution to the overall strategic direction of the council. This will include both introducing new ideas of your own, and supporting the innovations of other directors with expert advice.

There is a balanced budget, with cost reductions identified (but to be delivered) and realistic income generation targets. Members are not afraid to take tough decisions, and they have agreed a new Commercial (income generating) which is currently undergoing a business case / implementation process. This will be a focus for all the senior team, but in particular this role. Consequently, you should expect to be a focus of attention from councillors, and you must bring a sophisticated approach to your interactions with elected members

The culture and behaviours of the whole organisation have been refreshed and renewed in the past year, and the overall atmosphere has a new, tangible optimism. You’ll be a visible leader and steward of this new culture, exemplifying the searching, rigorous, open and collaborative approach that we’ve adopted. You’ll promote creativity, innovation, and bring new energy to the Council’s growth and commercial objectives.

Candidates must bring an exceptional ‘business head’; commerciality and innovation in income generation are vital. Of course we need the numbers to work, and members must be assured of accurate reporting and compliance – that’s why we expect that candidates will have had at least some experience at deputy s.151 officer level. But our new strategic direction is opening up new approaches for e.g. asset management, joint ventures and commercial investment, rather than just disposals and capital receipts, and you must demonstrate that you can optimise our opportunities in this area too.

There’s a wider consideration that in a relatively lean team, you’ll inevitably get more experience than in a larger organisation. You are vanishingly unlikely to be asked just to do your job and nothing else – so if you like being exposed to different things, and have a hunger to understand local government from a more comprehensive perspective, this is the perfect job for you. 

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